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23 Aug 2012

Content creation + Writing style

Molly O C Rowan

Getting a document ready for translation is a crucial step that is all too often overlooked when a company moves into a new market, but quality translation relies on quality source material. Companies that invest the time and resources into preparing a document for localization see lower translation costs and more flexible deadlines.

The best time to start thinking about localizing your documents is before they are written. Most companies don’t have the luxury to think that far ahead, but having consistently written and formatted documents will save your company a lot of money in rewriting, rebranding, and translating those documents later on.

If you are starting from scratch or are revising existing documents, the newly released Microsoft Manual of Style, 4th Edition offers concise principles of style to facilitate globalization, localization, and translation of your content, including suggestions specifically for content that will be translated with the aid of CAT tools (computer-aided translation). Following these guidelines for content creation will help ensure that your document is clear to its target audience in both its source language as well as in translation.


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