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1 Jun 2012

Trusting the Translator

Molly O C Rowan

In the basic workflow of a translation project, the last step is layout validation. Translators review the document to validate the language, confirming that there were no errors when the material was migrated out of the CAT tool. At the same time, QA ensures that the formatting matches the source while being fully localized and that translators have followed any specific instructions provided by the client.

Most QA at KJI have language experience of some kind. For me, it’s a small treat to work on a file that’s been translated into a language I’ve studied – maybe I’ll learn some new words! But sometimes, my awareness of the language (instead of just the layout) has helped me see things I otherwise might not: accidentally duplicated paragraphs or languages in the wrong order in multilingual files. Occasionally, if there are inconsistencies or deviations from the source, I may have questions for the translator.

I trust our translators. They’re language professionals that work hard at their craft, so when I have questions, I’m sure to phrase them as the start of a dialogue. Sometimes all I need is a quick explanation, and sometimes we need a revision to the translation – but it’s QA’s job to see the document as the client does as well as how the translator sees it. If there’s a discrepancy between the source and the translation, I want to know exactly why a translator has deviated from the source. That way if the client ever questions, I have an answer: we’ve already thought of that.

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