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1 Jun 2012

Updating Translated Documents

Molly O C Rowan

Whether your company or product name has changed, your product itself has changed, or it’s just time to revise old verbiage, you’ll need to update your documentation. If there are a lot of changes, it may be easier to retranslate the whole project, but if the changes are small, it may be more cost-effective to translate only the updates.

  • Something old: If updating, your project manager will ask if the previous translation should be validated by translators. Otherwise, we can only validate the new text.
  • Something new: Indicate exactly what is being changed. Use track changes, redline your files, or have KJI perform a document comparison.  You’ll be asked to approve the document compare before translations begins.
  • Something borrowed: If the changes are enough to warrant a full re-translation of the project that was initially done by KJI, Translation Memory will help keep cost down.
  • Something due: Keep in mind a realistic deadline. Even though there is less text being translated, updates projects often entail more work for the validating translators, QA, and DTP.

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